MAGIC Science and Applications Workshop 2023

2–3 November 2023 | Colle del Paradiso | Assisi, Italy




1. GRACE, GRACE-FO, MAGIC and beyond: Evolution of user needs

This theme is dedicated to the exciting science resulting from the GRACE and GRACE-FO missions and discusses the evolution of the international user community needs towards MAGIC and future satellite gravity missions. Where do we stand with current (e.g. GRACE-FO) and planned (e.g. MAGIC) missions and what needs to be anticipated by future missions in the long-term?

2. MAGIC products 

This theme is dedicated to topics of MAGIC products and their evaluation, including uncertainty estimates and techniques, Level-1 to Level-3 product definition and anticipated resolution, Level-1-to-Level-3 algorithms and data processing, validation and verification activities.

3. MAGIC science and applications

This theme is dedicated to the expected impact of MAGIC to science and applications in the fields of hydrology, cryosphere, oceanography, solid Earth, climate monitoring and geodesy. It includes novel science and applications and encourages papers that focus on demonstrating the operational capability of MAGIC.

4. Beyond MAGIC

This theme is dedicated to the evolution of satellite gravimetry post-MAGIC in the mid-to-long term timeframe (e.g. 2040+) addressing topics such as mission concepts, new technologies and expected science and applications of future satellite gravity missions.